I'm Lin, 25. Welcome to my site!

I first started this site in 2014 when I was feeling creatively-drained whilst on my university industrial placement. This has been my freedom ground to immortalise my travels and projects which I hold so closely to my heart. I started nightlife & event photography in 2011 back in my hometown, Singapore. Since then I've explored new areas like engagement/ wedding and fashion photography.

I also write itineraries. If you're into all things alternative, off-the-beaten-track, beautiful, quaint... you'll probably find something you'll like here. 

As for my professional career, I work in the tech startup and built environment sectors. When I’m not working or doing photography, I’m probably at a techno gig or houseparty somewhere in London, meeting friends for coffee/ cocktails, or reading a book.

Thanks for visiting this site and I am happy to give more personalised recommendations if you drop me a message.


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