Iceland (SUMMER) Itinerary

Adam and I rented a small van which we travelled around Iceland in. We mainly drove on Route 1, aka 'The Ring Road', and making occasional turns onto small routes whenever we wanted to visit specific sites or towns. We cooked our meals on a burner, and slept in our van in random locations across the island. Adam is a geologist, so it has always been a dream for him to explore the varied landscape and rock formations in what people have labelled ‘the closest thing to Mars on Earth’. Both of us also enjoy photography, so we planned our trip around (good summer lighting) sunrise and sunset hours (i.e. we operated on a 3pm-5am basis, and slept from 5am – 12+pm everyday). Another bonus of operating on this schedule was that we avoided busloads of tourists at attraction points and had the entire road to ourselves in the wee hours. Other than staying at campsites every 3 days to use their kitchen and shower facilities (except on our first night in Reykjavik), we did not spend any money on accommodation.

We got to see many unprecedented views and landscapes like glacier lagoons, sulfur mines and puffin cliffs. The most amazing part was just waking up to a new view everyday – one day we could be parked on a sloped plain blanketed in fog, only to realise the next morning that we were perched on top of a mountain overlooking a beautiful fjord! Lastly, it was a very affordable trip: we were able to travel around Iceland just under £600 for 10 days (including petrol, groceries, car rental, flights, transfers) - not too bad considering the amount of food we eat!

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