Back from a LONG Hiatus

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my site! 

As you can see, I've made changes to the entire layout and the way I write itineraries. I have also created Google My Maps for most of my itineraries which you can access and save to your phone/ laptop prior to your travels. This way you can find these recommended sights/ places to eat easily on your trips! 

I kind of left my website unattended for the past year for a few reasons. Firstly, and quite selfishly of me, I did not need this creative outlet (as much) ever since I left my creativity-draining year-out placement mid 2015. I had been busy with my final year of university and applying for jobs... those sorts of things. Secondly, I was SO confused with how I actually wanted the site to be, and felt slightly ashamed every time I looked at how messy my site layout was... but at the same time I did not have time to really sit down to think about how I wanted to present my pictures and itineraries. Thirdly, and very paradoxically, I felt a bit conscious about 'putting myself out there' with this site. I didn't really want it to be like a "LOOK AT ME I'M TRAVELING AND LIFE IS AWESOME" kind of site (fuck no!). I have real intentions to share my photography and recommendations with people who are interested in the places that I've travelled to/ people who gravitate towards my travel choices in terms of pace, entertainment and attractions that I value (not attractions that EVERY tour company values). Also, I feel that this site has motivated me to improve on my craft, and I definitely feel myself developing as a photographer by experimenting with new styles, new equipment, and new areas like landscape photography. 

Without going too in-depth into the reasons why I am not allowed to travel out of the UK this summer (one of the reasons being that my photography gig with Turkish travel agency specialising in cruises and land tours,, could not happen due to political instability in Turkey etc), I have lots of time now before work commences in September to dedicate time and effort to restructuring the site, re-write itineraries and write new ones! 

I hope this site helps you as much as it has helped me immortalise my memories. If you use my maps/ itineraries, it would be really nice to hear from you personally or through a quick credit @xlinloke (instagram) or facebook (see social media links). 

I am more than happy to answer any queries you may have so just drop me a comment, or message me via my contact page.

Great week ahead, everyone!!!