Vegas, Nevada, USA


Las Vegas -  a glitzy, glamorous playground in the middle of a desert of Southern Nevada. It was first founded by railroad workers and ranchers in the 1900s. Today, it is filled with overwhelming mega-casinos, hotels and some of the best nightclubs in the world.

With hundreds of hotels to visit, and 100001 things to see and do in exciting Sin City, you might be overwhelmed with choices! SO... here is a very quick and simple list of the top 10 things to see and do on your next trip to Vegas. This itinerary is for those who seek more than just partying and gambling... champagne brunch by the Grand Canyon, or waterslide through a shark tank, anyone?

City view from Voodoo Lounge, 51st floor of Rio Las Vegas

City view from Voodoo Lounge, 51st floor of Rio Las Vegas


Top 10 Things to See and Do in Las Vegas

1) Flamingoes at Flamingo Hotel and Club

2) LINQ Hotel Pool

3) Drais Beachclub Pool

4) Golden Nugget Hotel Shark Tank

5) Helicopter tour over Grand Canyon

6) Omnia Club and Bar

7) Voodoo Lounge and Zipline

8) Fremont Experience

9) Wedding Chapels

10) Free Shows


Vegas recommendations google my maps

Scroll to the bottom for the link to access my Vegas Google My Maps

Scroll to the bottom for the link to access my Vegas Google My Maps


So you thought Flamingo Hotel was just some hotel with a flamingo/ pink colour theme... it actually lives up to its name by having real flamingoes in the outdoor hotel courtyard. Flamingo Hotel is also known for its bottomless brunch offering at Paradise Garden Cafe. 




LINQ Hotel's cosy medium-sized pool comes with live DJ sets (think tropical house music), a poolside bar, and the view of the LINQ wheel in the background to top it all off. It's open 9am-5pm and open to public. You must be over 21 years old. 



3) Drais’ beachclub pool

HELLO PARADISE. This was one of my favourite pools to chill out at. Drais is also known to be one of the more prominent pool party venues in Vegas. 




This is probably one of the sickest things I saw when I was in Vegas: an epic 3-storey water slide through a shark tank (with REAL sharks) at the pool of Golden Nugget Hotel.



Papillon Helicopter Tours

So... I hit the jackpot while playing slots and won myself enough money to finance my entire Vegas trip, with a few hundred dollars left to spend… Beginner's luck, I guess! I decided to (birthday) treat myself to a helicopter tour and champagne brunch at The Grand Canyon with the extra winnings. After doing a quick online search for a good value for money Grand Canyon helicopter tour, I decided to go with Papillon Helicopter Tours.

I had to wake up at 330am the next morning to catch the shuttle bus that took me to the helicopter departure terminal. It was such an amazing experience of flying over textured plains and canyons in a helicopter at dawn; we also flew by iconic sights like the Hoover Dam and Boulder City. Afterwards, we landed in a secluded spot by the canyon for a 30 minute picnic lunch and champagne. 



5) Omnia Nightclub and Bar

I have never seen such an extensive laser lights setup in all my years of youth... Omnia club has some epic laser lights, never-ending stream of falling confetti and glitter, awesome sound system and world-class DJs. Showtek was spinning while I was there. If you feel claustrophobic in the club, you can always access the outdoor terrace, which has a really cool vibe and good city views. I loved this club, and will definitely return on my next trip back to Vegas!




Voodoo Lounge is the bar and club on the 51st floor of Rio Las Vegas. It gives you one of the best views of the NEW Vegas Strip. If views like that aren't exciting enough for you, go zip-lining from one tower of the Rio Hotel to the other (access from Voodoo Lounge).




Located in the Old Strip of Vegas, the Fremont Experience is a long street sandwiched between casinos and sheltered by a LED-display canopy. While it is usually busy 24/7, it comes alive especially at night with street performances and live music. This is probably the most family-friendly place in town, and just a nice street for a stroll if you ever need a break from all the gambling. 




Vegas is known as a world -famous destination for couples to elope to due to the ease and accessibility of tying the knot there. Unsurprisingly, it is also the 'divorce capital' of the world, according to some reports! Most Vegas hotel have a wedding chapel, but the most famous one would be A Little White Wedding Chapel, as seen in films like The Hangover. I thought it was quite interesting to take a quick look at some of these small and quirky Vegas wedding chapel venues, and the ones along the Las Vegas Boulevard in particular. For example, Graceland Wedding Chapel is known for their Elvis-style wedding packages. 

Image taken from: How to plan a wedding in Las Vegas

Image taken from: How to plan a wedding in Las Vegas



Two of the more famous free shows in Vegas:

1.   The Mirage Hotel - Fire show
Known for its display of erupting volcanoes and fire effects. Everyday, hourly from 7pm to 11pm. 

2.   Bellagio Hotel - Musical fountain show
One of the most famous free shows in Vegas. See link for timings.


That's all folks! And remember, what happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas!

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