Senja, Northern Norway

Senja, Northern Norway


0. Husøy
1. Fjordgard
2. Mefordvær
3. Ersfjord
4. Tungeneset
5. Kråkeslottet Senja
6. Bergsbotn
7. Senjatrollet
8. Hamn
9. Gryllefjord
10. Torsken

Scroll to the bottom for the link to my Senja Google My Maps

Scroll to the bottom for the link to my Senja Google My Maps

0. Husøy

A small island that looks very much like a plant cell from far away. Quaint little residential town with a cafe and a lighthouse.



The unique mountain ranges here in Fjordgard are representative of Senja. Drive on the opposite side of the fjord (Senjahoppen area) for great views of the mountains. 






Hikes: Mt Segla

I did the hike up to Mt Segla's peak, which is famous for its 650m vertical-drop cliff edge and 'the best' panoramic views of Senja. Wear proper hiking boots and hiking gear - this hike gets slightly steep and rocky towards the top. Highly recommended (3-4 hours return trip). 


2. Mefjord

We stayed in Mefjord Brygge, a traditional holiday resort comprising of both hostel accomodation and holiday lodges. Service staff were helpful, the breakfast included in our stay was not too bad, and the location is fairly good. It's situated along the National Tourist Route, hence it is easy to get to all the main attractions and hikes. The neighbourhood is peaceful and is within reach of vantage points for watching the  midnight sun in summer, or for hiking destinations - both short walks and long, steep hikes. 

Knuten Vantage Point for midnight sun and views of  Mefjord Kommune

Seawall  next to Mefjord Brygge: another great vantage point  for watching the midnight sun.

Taken from the seawall : HDR image of the midnight sun during some light showers. 

Taken from the seawall : HDR image of the midnight sun during some light showers. 


3. Ersfjord

Ersfjord Beach

A beautiful arctic beach to visit in summer, surrounded by dramatic mountains and offering crystal clear waters for swimming. 



4. Tungeneset Panoramic viewpoint

This was one of the viewpoints that we missed. Apparently Tungeneset is the most popular viewpoints as recommended by Senja's Tourism group. It lies on the National Tourist Route with an easily accessible timber walkway. 


5. Kråkeslottet

As known as Crow's Castle, Kråkeslottet is a quiet rorbur island complex connected to the mainland via a narrow gravel walkway. It has been converted into a creative hub for summer festivals, exhibitions, and collaborative space. 

I really enjoyed the art exhibition that was held during the time that I was there (Artijuli Kunstfestival). It raised awareness about the (controversial) relocation of the ethnic Sami people through interactive art and films screened in a sauna room... definitely one of the more quirky exhibitions that I've ever visited. Worth a visit!

6. Bergsbotn

Panoramic viewpoint over Bergsfjorden on a modern timber cantilever structure. 


7. Senjatrollen

In this park sits the largest troll in the world! This is a small park with various little trolls and mini kids rides - probably more suited for families with children. No harm stopping over for a quick selfie with the large toll since there is free entry into the park, and an eerie troll-themed cafe to grab some Norwegian snacks and kakke (cake)! 

Oh, there's a troll performance that happens everyday as well... with an epic band name: The Trolling Stones... 


8. Hamn

Small fishing village with hiking routes, outdoor activity and rental services (including bodyrafting, kayaking, rent-a-bike). 


9. Gryllefjord

A picturesque little village by a beautiful fjord where we stopped to do some fishing. Apparently a very popular swimming ground for schools of mackerel. 


10. Torsken

A fishing settlement surrounded by mountains. We stayed at one of the campsites there (£5/person) and set up tent for the night. The campsite has decent facilities (showers, washing machines, dryers) and a hob for cooking) and a cosy cabin-style restaurant-bar. Torksen also has many routes for short walks and hikes, and areas designated for BBQ. 


11. Finnsnes

 If you're driving into Senja through Finnsnes, you might want to stock up on some groceries at this point. Speaking to a few people who live on the western coast of Senja, this is probably the only place you have access to large value-for-money supermarkets like REMA 1000 and Coop Extra. Important note for those who are camping and not intending to stay in catered accommodation.


Access my Senja Google My Maps here.